City of Heroes
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A CoH Abbreviation Dictionary

In all the different modes of chat available in City of Heroes, there are often words, phrases, and acronyms that are fairly arcane to new players. What follows is a partial list of such language and its translations--the most common phrases I've seen and heard in chat.

For more complete listings of chat abbreviations and the like, check the Paragon Wiki "Definition" category, as well as the Guide to Jargon and Abbreviations on the City of Heroes Forums.

CoH PhraseTranslation
aeArchitect Entertainment
AoEArea of Effect (used to describe an attack that hits a small group of enemies within a certain span of space)
blueside/CoHCity of Heroes
conTerm used to describe what colors different enemies appear as to you. Enemies 1 level above you usually con as yellow (their names appear in yellow); enemies 2 levels above con as orange, and so on. Example: "Hey, the enemies in this mish are conning purple." This term appears to be derived from the word "conscious," since your character has to be conscious of the enemies before you can see what level they are.
CoXThis expression is used to reference both CoH and CoV at once, as well as to generate a few snickers and guffaws from immature people like me.
farm/meow mishA type of AE mission where there are endless high-level enemies to destroy, meaning that players who do this mission level up extremely fast. Generally frowned upon by developers, which is why farmlike AE missions are often deleted or deactivated.
lfaeLooking For Architect Entertainment group/mission
lfmLooking for Members (also can be Looking for Mission)
lft/lfgLooking For Team/Looking For Group
omwOn My Way
pstPlease Send Tell (i.e., "ae team forming in atlas pst if interested")
pugPickup Group (a team of players who got together rather randomly by invitation)
PvEPlayer vs. Enemy (computer-generated)
PvPPlayer vs. Player
redside/CoVCity of Villains
rubberbandingTerm describing what it looks like when your character experiences lag in an area--your character travels over the same bit of map over and over again, appearing to "boing" back a few feet after a few seconds of travel.
toonA player's character (i.e., "Let me log off this toon and go get one of my other ones.")
tpTraveling power OR teleport. (Look at the context in which the acronym is used, i.e. "What kind of tp do you use?" or "I need a tp to the mish." For the record, the answer to "What kind of tp do you use?" is not Charmin. :D )