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Invented-Origin Enhancements are Better

All right, I've just made the claim that Invented Enhancements are strictly better than Training Enhancements, and indeed all other enhancements. Yet their potential to boost a power is a bit less than their Single- and Dual-Origin counterparts. Why, then, is Invented the best way to go?

Because Invented Enhancements do not lose their potency as you level up. Sure, that level 16 Single-Origin Enhancement is helping you pwn some serious face--but when you level up to 17, that Enhancement won't be helping quite as much anymore. And by the time you get to level 19, it's like you've got a Training enhancement in there instead. With Single- and Dual-Origin Enhancements, you have to spend a lot of time (and a lot of influence) every couple of levels to keep yourself boosted. With Invented Enhancements, you can wait five or even more levels before needing to boost up your powers with new Invented stuff. (Case in point: I found on my level 27 Tank that I had a few level 20 enhancements that hadn't been replaced--and I hadn't noticed, because I was doing well in battles, as always!)

Invented Enhancements not only cover the basic ways to enhance powers (damage, accuracy, run speed, endurance reduction, etc.); there are also specialized Enhancement Sets that can be used to boost certain aspects of powers even more. The Miracle set, for instance, boosts Healing powers way up beyond even what an Invented Healing Enhancement can do. For a complete list of Enhancement Sets and what they do, click here (will launch in new window). A quick and clickable list of all the kinds of things you can improve with enhancements can be found here (also will launch in new window).

Invented Enhancements need not be purchased at high cost from Wentworth's, however. You can build them yourself, from Invention Salvage (learn about that here), a recipe, and a chunk of influence! To learn how to build an Enhancement, click here. Also, learn more about the Invention System from ParagonWiki's Invention Article.

Invented Enhancement Recipes can be found