Skies Over Atlas Screen Illustration Module

Hover over the different areas of this screenshot to see what each part of the display means.
My level 43 Tank Austara served as the model for this screenshot.

Targeting Window - This is where you will see the stats (health, endurance, level, rank, enemy group/supergroup) of your current target, friendly or enemy, appear. Compass/Navigation Module - This is where you will see your current mission appear, as well as the direction you are currently facing.  You will also be able to open your map, contacts, mission info, clues, and badges menus from this module. Navigation Menu Bar - This is where you can open your map, see contacts and tip missions, view mission info, look at mission clues, and see which badges you have (and don't have).  The word 'Map' is in green on this screenshot because my map window is currently open. Alignment Graphic - This image shows you whether you are aligned as a Hero, Vigilante, Rogue, Villain, or Praetorian.  The white star on a blue background means Hero. Health/Endurance/XP Bar Menu - This menu mainly opens and closes your Chatbox, Power Tray, Targeting Window, and Compass/Navigation Module.  The 'Menu' option, at far right, opens a large menu of many choices, including costumes, graphics display options, keymapping, and quitting out of CoH. Health/Endurance/XP Bars - These bars show you how much Health you have (green bar), how much Endurance you have (blue bar), and how much XP you have gained toward your next level (amount of pink in the lowest bar).  Austara has about half a bar full of pink XP in this screenshot--the remaining part of the bar is filled with light blue Patrol XP, the XP she got while being offline. XP Circle - When the XP bar fills all the way up with pink, it gets translated into a small pink block in this circle.  (Austara has light blue blocks filling up her XP circle at the moment--this means that she has a LOT of Patrol XP saved up!)  When all the blocks around the circle get filled in with pink on your screen, your hero will level up.  The white number in the center of the circle is your current level--Aus is currently 43. Passive Powers, Status Effects, and Day Job Bonus Display - This is where your hero's always-on powers will show up as little icons.  If you are negatively affected by an enemy's powers, those effects will also show up as little icons or text.  Lastly, the bonus from whatever Day Job(s) you've been working on shows up in a little yellow circular icon. Map Window - I like to have my map window always open, so I detached it from the Navigation Menu and moved it over to the right side.  The map shows you where you are (green triangle with a white dot in the middle), as well as where zone gates, Stores, contacts, and main buildings are in each zone. Chatbox Menu - This is where you can see your current team member list (if you're not on a team, it will just display a blank window), your friends list, your supergroup member list (if you're in a supergroup), your email, and any custom chat tabs you have created for yourself.  The word 'Email' appears in red when you have a message in your inbox.  The blue arrow pointing down at the top right of the Chatbox will minimize the whole Chatbox when clicked. Chatbox Text Display - This is where any text from other players, NPCs, and system messages will display.  You can choose to make this all one window, or choose to have it tabbed into two or more windows, as I have mine done here.  I made the top tab to display system messages, NPC chat, Wentworth's messages, and Hero Zone Event messages.  The bottom tab is for Broadcast, Local, Team, SuperGroup, and Private Message chat.  You can right-click your Chatbox and customize what messages appear where by selecting 'Edit Tab' from the right-click menu. Chatbox Text Entry - This is where you can type in your message, hit Enter, and it will be put forth in whatever chat channel you have selected.  Look at the small one-letter buttons along the top of the text entry--these are the individual buttons you click to change chat channels.  The 'T' button on mine is larger because I've currently selected 'Team Chat'--that means that whatever message I type will go only to my teammates. Emotes Menu Icon - This icon allows you access to all the emotes you can currently perform with your character, such as jumping jacks, the boombox, dancing in place, reading a book, etc.  Adding certain booster packs available through NCSoft's website will give you even more emotes to do! Power Tray Menu Bar - Through this menu, you can see all your powers at a glance, your current stash of Inspirations, and the Enhancements you're carrying (Austara's Enhancement menu is open in this screenshot, showing that she's carrying 3 Enhancements).  You can also see the Invention Salvage you're carrying on this character, as well as the Recipes you have waiting to build.  The blue arrow pointing down at the far right of the menu bar will minimize the whole Power Tray module when clicked. Control Powers Tray - This is a setup specific to my characters.  I like to have my rarely-used but still necessary powers on a tray where I won't accidentally trigger them.  Thus, I use Power Tray 3 for them, which means that they can be triggered only by using the Control key in conjunction with the number they correspond to.  Ctrl-1, for instance, is my Pocket D teleporter; Ctrl-4 is my Wentworth teleporter, and so on. Alt Powers Tray - Also specific to my characters.  These powers are on Power Tray 2, which means that they can only be triggered by using the Alt key and the number they correspond to.  This bar is where I keep my toggles and slightly-less-active powers--for instance, I have Austara's defensive toggles and support powers on my Alt tray. Basic Power Tray - This is the power tray everyone starts with.  Powers on Power Tray 1 can be triggered simply by hitting the number they correspond to.  I keep my combat powers and traveling powers here so I don't have to struggle with a complex series of keys during combat.