City of Heroes
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Shortcuts and Tricks from CoH Veterans

As you play, you will find special shortcuts for yourself, whether it be ways you set up your powers to work together better, the fastest and safest way to get to the Tailor, or cheap ways to get good salvage. What follows is a list of some of the shortcuts I use, as well as others I have learned from the advice of other players. Try them yourself and see if they work for you!

Many thanks to DestineeFable, Memphis_Bill, and Eric_Nelson for their help on this article! Check the Contributors page for a full list of all the people who have helped me with this website's content. If you would like to contribute your own shortcut or trick, please post it on the Heroes' Gaming Experience Requested thread, and I will credit you on this page and on the Contributors page.

Quick Click List

Advertising Yourself for a Team
It seems like every few minutes there are hundreds of people advertising their need for a team via Broadcast: "lvl 36 def lft," "lv 24 troller lfae," etc. If you are in need of a team, how are you going to stand out amid all of these other requests and actually have a chance at getting a response?

  1. Use both the Request and Broadcast channels to put out your message. Since your message will appear twice, in bright purple as well as gray, more people have a chance of seeing it pop up in their window and responding to it. Also, since you are requesting a team, it makes sense in-game to use the Request Channel.
  2. In your request, state your level, primary and secondary powersets, archetype, and two or three powers that make you a standout character. For instance, if I was going to advertise for Lyssadia (my Defender), I would type "lvl 42 emp/energblst def lft, can heal, rez, and tp" (level 42 Empathy/Energy Blast Defender looking for team, can Heal, Resurrect, and Teleport). Abbreviate your powersets as necessary, but don't make it unintelligible.

Following these two steps may not bring you a team every single time, but by doing your request this way, you are likelier to get a response. People will be able to see at a glance what kind of character is requesting a team, and will be better able to judge if they need a character with your strengths. Like building a resume, requesting a team is all about marketing yourself, and that means you play up your best qualities and put 'em out there!

Back-On-Your-Feet Inspiration Trick
Before any mission, at least equip yourself with an Awaken, Break Free, and two Respites (Awaken at the bottom of the list, then the Break Free and Respites above it or to its side). If you are struck down, all you need to do is activate Awaken (when the field is clear), then hit Break Free and both Respites so that you are instantly able to fend off damage. Hit Rest if the field is absolutely clear, so that you can recoup your lost Endurance, and after you are charged back up, you’re ready to go!

Traveling in the Shadow Shard
Contributor: DestineeFable
Falling off the edge of any rocky island in the Shadow Shard will immediately put you back at the gate at the beginning or ending of the zone (depending on which gate you were closer to when you fell). This helps you get back to zone gates much faster!

Defeating Masks for the Defeat Badge
Contributor: DestineeFable
Dark Astoria is your hook-up if you're looking to take down some masks and get the defeat badge. Check the northeast corner of the zone for a small park that continually spawns masks, even during the daytime! Work your way around and around in a loop for best results.

Rikti War Zone Intro Missions
Contributor: DestineeFable
Don't forget to do the Rikti War Zone introductory missions as soon as possible! If you do, you can then earn the valuable Vanguard merits for killing Rikti anytime, anywhere. (I predict much slaughter during the next Rikti invasion... :D)

Vanguard Heavy + Your Hero = Salvage and Recipe Drops in The Storm Palace?
Contributor: DestineeFable
Feel free to test this fun little scenario that has been reported by several heroes! Purchasing a Vanguard Heavy (using Vanguard merits) and using it to take down enemies in the inside ring of the Storm Palace seems to net you a significant amount of arcane salvage and recipe drops! This is unverified, but may be worth the effort if you're looking to build a lot of recipes and replenish salvage stores.

Completing Hunt Missions in Record Time
Contributor: DestineeFable
If you have a hunt mission (kill so many Outcasts, so many Tsoo, etc.) that is not specific to a certain area or a certain zone, you can literally kill two birds with one stone by running another mission with that same enemy type in it. As you take down the enemies in your mission, your hunt mission counter will also tick down, completing both missions at once!

Getting to Terra Volta's Respec Trial
Contributor: DestineeFable
If you need to get to the respec trial ASAP, using your supergroup's Base Teleporter to Terra Volta will plant you very near the reactor door in Terra Volta, which will lead you on to the trial itself.

Finding Paragon Protectors
Contributor: DestineeFable
If you are looking for Paragon Protectors, check the Gaspee neighborhood of Founders' Falls for regular spawns. The Dark Waters neighborhood of Brickstown occasionally has a few lower-level spawns of Paragon Protectors, but not as often as Founders' Falls.

Where to Find Prisoners
Contributor: DestineeFable
Prisoners are only found in Brickstown--no other zone has any Prisoner spawns at all. (Be prepared to spend a little while in Brickstown if you're after the defeat badge!)

Doing the Numina TF? Go to Independence Port's Bridge!
Contributor: DestineeFable
The long bridge in Independence Port spawns both Family and Tsoo enemies, so completing the Numina Task Force (in which you must defeat certain numbers of both groups) is made much easier here.

Hop Aboard the Striga Isle Ferry
Contributor: DestineeFable
You can use Striga Isle as a trampoline to get you between Talos Island and Independence Port--just use the Ferry system! The Ferry stop in Independence Port is also not very far away from the Paragon Monorail as well.

Level 25 and No Ouroboros Portal? Here's How to Get It
Contributors: Eric_Nelson, Memphis_Bill
If you have already hit level 25 but did not run the Faultline mission arc that leads to getting the Ouroboros Portal, you are not out of luck! Simply ask for an Ouroboros Portal to be planted somewhere near; you can ask a nearby friend or passing hero, or put out a request on the Request channel for someone to plant a Portal. (Also, you can look around Atlas Plaza--often, people will drop a Portal near the statue of Atlas, since it is a popular gathering spot. The Portal looks like a golden pillar of light.)

Once you click it and get into Ouroboros, look up at the gracefully-shaped top of the small white and gold pyramid-like building. Locate the long, thin golden spire that extends slightly downwards from the top. At the very end of this spire is an exploration badge that will grant you the Ouroboros Portal power, giving you the freedom to plant your own Portal and come back anytime! Flight makes it very easy to get up there, but you can also run up or use jumping powers--just be patient, as it's easy to overshoot! Once you're on the spire, walk carefully across its length to get to the badge.

You can also get your Ouroboros Portal power by talking to the Science store contact in Brickstown to get a special mission. Whichever way you choose, you'll get the same power in the end. :)