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Skies over Atlas is merely a fansite for this amazing MMO--it is closed for now, but we have hope it will be reopened!

About This Site

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This Site's Purpose

Skies Over Atlas is a different sort of City of Heroes site, focusing on the human aspects of the game. Sure, you definitely need to know the technical parts of the game (i.e., exactly how much damage does this power do, how can this enhancement help me run faster, etc.). But SoA answers questions more along the lines of "How do I make a supergroup that works well together?", "How do I 'play nice' and make friends on this game?", and most importantly, "How do I have FUN doing all this?". Knowing how to fit into the unique social network created by City of Heroes is a very important thing for both new players and veterans alike. Though much of the site is catered to the new player, there are still articles to intrigue even the player who's been in it since the beginning.

Webmistress Info

Basic Info

My real name is Robin, and I have been playing City of Heroes since February 2009 under the global name @Austara. I play on the Justice server, and you can find information about each of my heroes at @Austara's Official Character Files.

Austara is my main character and my favorite playstyleó-I like to just charge in and kick butt. But I have heroes of each archetype, even both Epic archetypes, and I enjoy stretching my playstyle in this way, exploring the game more fully.

Supergroup Info

In-game, all of my characters are part of the supergroup called The Omniscients. My boyfriend (who helped me get into the game) is also a member of the supergroup, playing most often as Tubbius (also known as "SANTA!" :D). We play a lot together, and have four pairs of level-pacted characters as well.

The Omniscients are a fairly active bunch, though we aren't on the game all the time, since most of us have active offline lives as well. But The Omniscients specialize in recruiting people who are positive and fun to be around, and when we all do get together, we play as a close-knit group. We don't advertise ourselves through costume contests or big recruiting missions or anything...we just play on pickup teams and observe who might be a good fit for our group.

Content Contributors

These are the awesome people who have helped me out on some of the content on this site, either by answering my questions, pointing me to resources, writing up articles of their own, or giving me hints from their own personal experiences. Only their forum names are used here. Many thanks to ALL of them!

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