City of Heroes
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Unlocking Your Alpha Slot

If you're completely new to the Incarnate System, all of this talk of "alpha slots" and "incarnate shards" may sound a little arcane. What's it all about?

Basically, the Incarnate system gives you a reason to play your hero once they hit level 50. Before now, it's been simply a mad dash to get to 50, ending in a somewhat anticlimactic end for your accomplished character. The Incarnate system is all-new content for you to play, all-new abilities for your character, and even all-new salvage to hunt--in essence, your level-50 gets to play as if they are embarking on a totally new plane of CoH.

New powers and super-amped-up abilities await you--there's no reason not to start your level 50's journey toward becoming even more awesome.

The requirements for unlocking your Alpha Slot are available on ParagonWiki's Alpha Slot page--you will need to do these before you can get any access to the post-50 content or enhancements.

If you complete these requirements, your lovely level 50 toon will be granted their Alpha slot, which functions basically like another Enhancement slot. But what to put in this Enhancement slot, you might ask? For the answer, please advance to the next part of the "Life After (Level) 50" tutorial: Choosing Your Alpha Ability.