City of Heroes
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Getting All Your Costume Slots

For new CoH players (and even more experienced players like myself), the prospect of having multiple costumes seems a bit esoteric. Up until level 20, you don't really get any other costume except your original one, unless you collect Halloween Salvage and obtain an additional costume slot that way. Thus, the whole process is a bit mysterious without advice from players who have been through it before.

This article is designed to help you get your additional costume slots (for a total of five costumes in all). Some of this advice comes from my personal experience, and other bits of it comes from asking a lot of basic questions and talking with veteran players.

  1. First Costume Slot: The costume you design when you first create your hero.
  2. Second Costume Slot: Obtained through the Steel Canyon Tailor, Serge, who asks you to kill 30 Tsoo. You must be level 20.
  3. Third Costume Slot: Obtained through the Independence Port Tailor, Laurie, who asks you to kill 30 Crey. You must be level 30.
  4. Fourth Costume Slot: Obtained through the Founders' Falls Tailor, Carson, who asks you to kill 30 Nemesis. You must be level 40.
  5. Fifth Costume Slot: Can be obtained at any time by turning in the four pieces of Halloween Salvage to Annah in Croatoa, near the Green Line Train Station.

What's Halloween Salvage?

Halloween Salvage is special event salvage present during the Halloween Events in-game, and is connected with getting one of the four additional costume slots you can unlock on your hero. You can either get the four pieces of Halloween Salvage during the month leading up to Halloween (they are rare drops from going around to mission doors in hero zones and clicking on them), or you can buy them at Wentworth's. The names and very approximate Wentworth's prices of each piece of salvage follow below.

Once you collect all four pieces of Halloween Salvage, you will need to take them to Croatoa and give them to Annah. The easiest way to get to her is to take the Green Line to Croatoa, go down the ramps at the front of the Green Line building, then turn to the right at the bottom of the ramps. Go down the stairs that are at the corner of the stone-tiled platform and walk off the stone steps onto the ground. Annah will be to your right--she is wearing a witch's hat and is reading a scroll, and there is a yellow circle around her. After you turn in the Salvage to Annah, you will have access to another costume slot.

To learn how to switch between your new costume slots, visit the Costume Change page.