City of Heroes
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Creating Your Supergroup's Base

Starting a successful supergroup is as easy as going to the "Supergroup Registration" desk in Atlas Park's City Hall and registering a unique supergroup name...isn't it?

Actually, your real work as a supergroup leader begins the moment you register that new name and get a supergroup base. Well-developed bases are places in which you can store inspirations, enhancements, and salvage, as well as display your veteran rewards' weapons displays and posters. You can also put in teleporters to almost every zone in the game. But it takes a lot of work (and a LOT of prestige) to get there. Without a good base, you will not keep members very long, because people are looking for a communal place to store items, as well as a shortcut between zones--and if you don't have a well-outfitted base, you might find yourself in a supergroup of one!

Base Style Designs: No Tape Measure Required

There are 10 different themes you can choose for your base: Ancient, Arcane, Dingy, Factory, Hi Tech, Hirano, Industrial, Miyuki, Sewer, and Technology. As of right now, there are no pictures of these base styles to provide you with, but be aware that there are many different styles to choose from. Talk to your supergroup members about this style, since it will affect every other kind of stylistic decision you make.

Providing Energy Sources and Getting Base Items

Functional Base Items

Basically, every item in your base has to be either bought or crafted and then placed in your base using Invention Salvage and prestige. The two links above give you more detail about the types of items you must craft and what you must buy in order to make your base functional as well as decorative.

In order to craft base items, you need to have what is called a Worktable (tech) or Forge (arcane). Learn more about the Basic Forge here, and about the Basic Worktable here. There are links to the Advanced and Expert Forges and Worktables from these articles.

You do have to provide some energy sources--otherwise, things like teleporter pads won't function! Also, every supergroup base has to have a main computer that "controls" everything within it. You can't interact with it, but it helps everything else run. Find out more about energy sources and control sources by clicking the provided links.

Getting Salvage Racks, Inspiration Collectors, Personal Storage Vault, and Enhancement Tables

These very functional items are all part of the Workshop item category, and you need to make rooms dedicated to the Workshop purpose in order to include these items in your base. Learn more about Workshop Items here.

Making a Medical Bay

If you are defeated in battle, you have a choice of being transported to a Hospital or going to your Base. If your SG members decide to come back to Base, give them a nice place to come into by creating a medical bay of sorts!

You can equip your medical room with a basic device that helps heroes resurrect, as well as inspiration collectors and even a device that you can sell inspirations and recipes to! Learn more about what medical items are available for bases here.

Getting Teleporters

Ah, one of the most important functions of a base! Providing telepads is a great way to ensure that your members use the base--using a Base Portal to save yourself a few loading screens and running/flying time is a powerful incentive. You create these devices by buying a lot of Basic Telepads and then connecting each of them up to two Teleport Beacons. A Teleport Beacon cannot stand on its own, and they are obtained by getting all the Supergroup Exploration badges for a certain zone while playing in SG mode.

Learn more about base transport items here.

Displaying Vet Rewards, Decorating, Etc.


Upgrading Your Base's Plot

As your supergroup grows, you may need to upgrade the base's plot to include more and more rooms. You will have to pay a LOT of prestige to upgrade the base's plot, so be sure to have your members play in SG mode a lot if you're wanting a bigger base!

Learn more about base plots here.