City of Heroes
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How to Tackle The Most Difficult Mission Types

Sometimes, there are missions that just make you want to scream, especially if you see that mission type pop up too often. For new players, the following mission types can be overwhelming; thus, I have written up some help for each type. Feel free to sign the guestbook and tell me about the types of missions which give you trouble, as well!

The "Rescue X People on an Outdoor Map" Mission Type

As I've said before, these types of missions really frustrate me as a player. They can feel as though they take forever to complete (and sometimes they do--over an hour spent looking for the last person to rescue is not my idea of fun).

However, I've discovered that with the help of a good team and a systematic search, this mission type is a lot easier! Here are some tips for rescuing people while staying out of the mental ward yourself:

The "Blue Cave Layer Cake" Mission Type

Ah, the blue caves. So beautifully shaded, so maddeningly complex. Some radio missions and some Circle of Thorns missions place you in these azure undergrounds, which are likely one of the nine circles of Hell, as you quickly find out while trying to complete your objectives. The worst offender of these caves seems to be the room everyone affectionately refers to as "the layer cake" - a room of at least 4 or 5 separate levels, with a large column of space in the middle and small holes everywhere waiting to trip up the unsuspecting hero. This is trying enough for heroes with Flight, but characters with Leaping or Super Speed will be close to pulling their hair out in this room.

But this, too, can be conquered, with a bit more patience (of which I am sorely lacking, lol). Here are some tips for taking on this kind of mission and completing it without going bonkers:

The "Council Map Water Room" Mission Type

I am likely to type "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" upon stepping into the dreaded "water room"--it's three levels, all of which have narrow walkways in between shallow pools of water, and a top level which has one of the most treacherous stairways in the game. (I've died many a time on that darned stairway--you get trapped by two mobs of baddies and that's all she wrote.) This is a very frustrating room for teams to take on; it is easy to get separated from each other, and hard to find each other again, and it's sometimes hard to tell what parts of the room you've searched and what parts you haven't searched yet.

And yet, even this room can be safely completed with a careful and slow approach. Here's some tips for wading in the water without drowning in failure: