City of Heroes
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Finding and Selecting Tips to Play

"Okay, so I know what Tips are," you're saying, "but where do I even FIND them, or accept playing them?"

Where to Find Tips

You can find tips while playing Tip missions with other people, while playing Radio missions, while playing regular story arcs--pretty much anywhere where you're defeating bad guys--but only after your hero reaches level 20. The more you play, the more Tips will usually pop up. If you receive a Tip during your missions, you'll see the words "TIP FOUND!" appear on your screen (just like the "MISSION COMPLETE!" or "SALVAGE FOUND!" messages), and you can then check to see what you've gotten.

Selecting Tip Missions to Play

On your Navigation console window (top center of the screen, with the compass), click "Contacts"; the image below is an example of what you'll see when you do:

Choose the "Tips" tab (rightmost tab) in this window. There, you will see your allotted Tip spaces for Hero and Vigilante, plus, how much public fame you already have from previous days of doing Tips. See an example of mine, below:

Here, you can see that while I've done several Tips in the past few days (the amount of blue in the "Hero" bar), I haven't done any tips today--the Public Fame spots are empty.

Once you scroll down in the Tips window, you'll likely see 1 to 3 missions with a yellow notebook icon beside them. These are your Tip missions, and you click them and investigate them just like regular missions. See an example of mine, below:

In this screenshot, I have two Tip missions ready to play, plus the contact named Redemption, who is, as it says on the window, the "Alignment Guide".

You only have room for 3 tip missions at a time in the Tips tab; in my screenshot, I've only got room for 1 more to drop. If you have accumulated 3 tip missions, you will have to play one of them, or dismiss one of them, to open up a space for another one to pop up.

Dismissing Tips You Don't Want to Play

If there's a Tip you receive that you don't want to play, simply click "Investigate" and then click "Dismiss this contact" on the resulting dialog box. You'll be able to get this mission again, don't worry--it just helps you clear out your Tips, especially if you've been playing the same one over and over again.

Keeping your Tip Box Clear for Morality Missions

Making sure you have room in your Tips space is very important when you've played 10 tip missions and are ready for your Morality mission to drop; find out more about what the Morality mission means on the How the Tip System Works page.