City of Heroes
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Skies over Atlas is merely a fansite for this amazing MMO--it is closed for now, but we have hope it will be reopened!

About CoH: Main Game and Expansions

If you like what you've heard about City of Heroes, but don't have a copy of the game yet, you're at the right place for finding out where to get it! I also have provided an annotated list of add-on packs and expansions for CoH, which can be purchased separately from the main game.

Info about Getting the Game

You can find City of Heroes editions in games/electronics stores as well as online, but don't forget to check local bargain chain stores as well. I found my original copy of CoH at a Big Lots! Just make sure that the copy you buy still has its serial code with it, otherwise it's pretty much useless.

There are many different editions of City of Heroes floating around, but pretty much any edition you buy will be able to patch itself to include the full game. Be sure you have a fast internet connection for patching the game--depending on what edition you have, you might have anywhere from a few megabytes to a gigabyte of patches to download! The CoH Buy Now page has a list of packs and editions which you can buy.

CoH Editions, Boosters, and Packs

On the CoH Buy Now page, there is a giant list of different ways you can buy CoH, as well as enhance your game. Paragon Wiki has a complete list of the different expansions, boosters, and packs that you can add on to your account for cool in-game effects, new powers, and spiffy costume pieces. See the list: Expansions Category @