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Be an Ally--Give a Buff

Ally buffs, or temporary boosts to your toon given to you by another player, are quite popular, both in team play and outside of combat entirely. Even just standing around under Atlas, people come by and randomly buff you with Mystic Fortune, Fortitude, Speed Boost, or whatever kind of buff they've got to give. I enjoy a few rounds around Atlas Plaza buffing the level 1-6 heroes who are out getting their first bits of experience--it's great to give a new hero resistance to damage, a little boost to their speed, etc.

In team play, buffs are often necessary, especially against enemies who deal specific types of damage or who have holding/immobilizing/sleep powers. Buffs can mean the difference between those last few points of health and getting defeated. For a Scrapper, a shot of Fortitude can mean being able to survive that red boss, for instance!

Are you a player who likes giving out buffs? If you are, or even if you're just curious about what all types of buffs are in the various powersets available, read on to find out!

Acronyms and Shorthand
res - resistance
recovery - rate at which you gain back Endurance
regen - rate at which you gain back Health
dam - damage
def - defense
Controller powers - holds, immobilizations, sleep attacks, disorienting attacks and slow attacks

List of Ally Buffs (Available to Controllers and Defenders)

Power SetAvailable BuffsWhat Each Buff Boosts
Cold DominationIce ShieldMelee Def; Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative, Ranged, AoE Def; End Drain Res; Lethal, Cold, Fire Res
Glacial ShieldAoE, Ranged, Energy, and Negative Def
FrostworkDamage Res, Toxic Res
Dark Miasma
(Defenders only)
Shadow FallDef, Fear Res; Energy, Negative, Psionic Def
EmpathyFortitudeDamage resistance
Clear MindNegative status-effect Res
Recovery Aura (all allies)Recovery
Regeneration Aura (all allies)Regen
Adrenalin BoostRegen, Recovery
Force FieldDeflection ShieldSmashing, Lethal, Melee Def; Toxic Res
Insulation ShieldFire, Cold, Energy, Negative, Ranged, AoE Def; End Drain Res
Dispersion Bubble (all allies)Def (all); Immob, Disorient and Hold Res
Force Bubble (all allies)Melee, Short-Ranged Def
KineticsSpeed BoostMovement speed; Slow Res
Increase DensityDisorient, Immob, Hold Res; Knockback, Repel, Teleport Protect; Smashing, Energy Dam Res
Inertial Reduction (all allies)Jump
Radiation EmissionAccelerate Metabolism (all allies)Run speed, attack speed, Recovery, Dam; Sleep, Hold, Disorient, Immob, End Drain Res
Sonic ResonanceSonic BarrierSmashing, Lethal, Toxic Res
Sonic HavenFire, Cold, Energy, Negative Res
Disruption FieldAbility to damage foes
Sonic Dispersion (all allies)All Damage (except Psi) Res; Immob, Disorient, Hold Res
Sonic RepulsionAbility to repel foes
ClarityNegative status-effect resistance
Storm SummoningO2 BoostDisorient, Sleep, End Drain Res (plus a nice targeted Heal), Perception
Steamy Mist (all allies)Stealth, Def, Fire, Cold, Energy, Confuse Res
Thermal Radiation
(Controllers only)
Thermal ShieldLethal, Smashing, Fire Res; small amount of Cold Res
Plasma ShieldEnergy, Negative, Fire Res
ThawNegative status-effect Res; Cold Res
ForgeDamage, To-Hit

List of Buffs Available to All Heroes

Power PoolAvailable BuffsWhat Each Buff Boosts
ConcealmentGrant InvisibilityStealth, Def
MedicineStimulantNegative status-effect Res
Magic Booster PackMystic Fortune
(you will get a
randomly-chosen buff
from the list to the right when someone casts this on you)
Death (Damage, Recharge, Special Debuffs)
The Fool (Movement rate, Recharge, but takes away a bit of To-Hit)
The Hermit (Accuracy, Perception, Def)
The Lovers (Regen, Recovery, Special Buffs)
The Magician (Special Debuffs, Controller power duration, Damage)
The Moon (Special Debuffs, Controller power duration, Def)
The Sun (Damage Res, Damage, Special Buffs)
The Tower (Damage, though you will take a 10% hit to your Health when you first get this fortune)
Wheel of Fortune (Damage Res, Def, Status-effect Protect)