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Incarnate Components: Salvage for the Post-Level 49 Crowd

Just like regular Invention Salvage, Incarnate Components are items your level 50 can collect through battles. But there are some very key differences between Incarnate Components and Invention Salvage, which I will detail below. Learn more about the individual Incarnate Components on the ParagonWiki Incarnate Components page

Where Do You Get Incarnate Components?

Incarnate Components come to your level 50 character through various channels, depending on what type they are.

The Alpha Slot Components

The Components used to make the Enhancement for your Alpha Slot can be gotten through:

The Higher-Slot Components

The Components used to make the Enhancements for your Destiny, Interface, Judgement, and Lore slots can be gotten through:

Note: You'll need Incarnate Threads for your higher-level slots' Components, and Incarnate Threads are a lot harder to get hold of--only through doing these named trials can you get any.

More Information About Incarnate Components

Why Do I Need to Worry About These Components?

If you're not worried about getting your post-level-50 Alpha Slot and its accompanying higher slot(s), you don't need to worry about Incarnate Components. However, if you're interested in any of the content at all, you'll want to slot the Alpha Slot as soon as possible with whatever you'd like to globally boost your character with.