City of Heroes
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Keymapping: Triggering Powers with Shiny Buttons

Depending on what kind of character you’re running and your personal MMO playstyle, you can go into Keymapping (click "Menu," then "Options," and you'll see the "Keymapping" tab underneath the Options title bar), and change just about anything. You can set off a costume change with one keystroke, change power trays, activate powers on your Control tray, even have emotes set to certain keys!

One thing I have done differently among my characters is to change how I target when I hit Tab. By default, hitting Tab means “Target Next Enemy,” which is a little vague. “Next” enemy does not necessarily mean “closest enemy;” this was tough for me to work around when I was first playing my Tank and Scrapper (Austara and Catarinya, respectively), which need to target closest enemies. Changing my “Tab” key to “Target Closest Enemy” worked much better. However, on my Controller, Milara, I needed to change my Tab to “Target Farthest Enemy,” so that I could target the back guy in a group and subsequently have a chance to hit the entire group with a holding or immobilizing power.

Also, depending on your playstyle, you may want to use different keys for your Inspirations. I was finding that my fingers would often get off the number keys during fierce battles, and subsequently I was hitting the F keys and popping Inspirations instead of firing my powers. Very, very frustrating! To fix this, I changed my Inspiration keys to YUIOP instead of F1-F5. Now, even though I might accidentally pop an Inspiration while trying to chat, I have fewer accidents than if I had kept them in the default location.

You can change a LOT more than just these options in Keymapping, though! There are keys that can be reassigned to different tasks, or the keystroke combinations can be changed to suit your playstyle. For instance, I usually change the keys that make the Target window, Chat Window, and Power Tray windows appear and disappear, so that I don't type a "c", "t" or "p" in chat and lose all my windows. Setting such windows to "Control+C" or "Control+P" usually helps me prevent such mishaps, so I don't end up saying, "Wait, where'd my Chatbox go?!"

So, the next time you're on CoH, take a look through the Options box and see what you might be able to tailor to your taste--you might be surprised at what you can change!