City of Heroes
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Skies over Atlas is merely a fansite for this amazing MMO--it is closed for now, but we have hope it will be reopened!

Other CoH-Related Sites

Official Game Sites
City of Heroes Official Site
More Information about City of Heroes from PlayNC
City of Heroes Official Forums (I'm on here as Austara)

Player Info Sites (a whole network of sites related to CoH!)
Paragon Wiki (great resource for just about everything CoH-related!)
Red Tomax's Guide to City of Heroes (complete delineation of powers and archetypes, with lots of technical detail!) (learn where all the badges are in CoH) (look at detailed maps of each zone in Paragon City)
CoH and CoV at
CoH FAQs at Official Guides

Software and Resources for Heroes
City Info Tracker (software that makes an Internet "profile" for your hero)
HeroStats (software that tracks how your hero is developing)
CoH Planner (home of Mids' Hero Designer and SuckerPunch's Online Planner, both ways to plan out how you want to build your hero)
The Phrontistery (obscure words and vocabulary, useful for creating unique heroic names)
Godchecker (listing of gods from all different cultures, also good for building a cool superhero name)

Fansites and Supergroup Sites
City of Heroes LJ Community (catch me on here as curiouslilbird)
CoHFaces (like Facebook for City of Heroes players--find me here as @Austara) (register and advertise your AE arcs using this site!)
PJ Chronicles (CoH-based webcomic--now finished, so browse the archives!)
The Crime Fighters' City of Heroes Page
Paragon City Detective Agency
CoH Vault