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A Good Honest Day's Play: Making Influence

Especially for new heroes, influence can be pretty sparse. Trying to slot yourself with Training Enhancements can bankrupt you in seconds, not to mention trying to get the Inspirations you need after every mission or trying to buy what you want and need for your character at Wentworth's. How can a new hero make influence besides fighting the bad guys?

You can most easily make influence by selling items through Wentworth's, whether it be salvage, enhancements, recipes, or even inspirations. You may get some of these items through mission battles or even quick battles on the street; you can also use Architect Entertainment missions to gain AE tickets that can be redeemed for salvage and inspirations, which you can then sell or keep as you wish.

My personal recommendation is to play your new hero a LOT, in regular missions so you can get these items during battle, and also in AE missions so you can get tickets to buy the types of items that are selling over at Wentworth's. This is not "gaming the system"--rather, it's using the resource you have (time on the game) to get the resource you need to upgrade your hero (influence). Plus, playing your new hero a lot will help you in other ways, such as making new buddies, getting you more familiar with the powersets you chose, and leveling up the hero faster.

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What To Sell At Wentworth's
During gameplay, you're most likely going to get a lot of stuff, like enhancements or salvage, that you won't use or can't use because of your archetype, playstyle, or origin. However, not everything is worth running to Wentworth's and listing, because not everything you get can sell worth anything to another human player. It really depends on the market and what people are looking for. But here is a general list of what to sell and what not to sell:

What to SellWhat Not to Sell
Certain Invented Enhancements (damage and accuracy especially)Training-Origin Enhancements, some Single- and Dual-Origin Enhancements
Certain pieces of salvage (check prices)Every piece of salvage you run across that you can't use
Recipes for Enhancements from certain Sets (check prices)Every Enhancement recipe you can't or won't use
Recipes for certain costume pieces (check prices)Every costume recipe you can't or won't use

If you're curious about whether an item will sell, first check its going prices and how many bidders and sellers there are. If the going price looks reasonable to you, if you can pay the listing fees, and if there are more bidders than sellers, go ahead and give it a shot! Otherwise, take the item to the closest store and sell it for the standard price.

One note about Single- and Dual-Origin Enhancements: if you wish to try to sell them, list them for as cheaply as possible without losing profit. You have to pay at least 5 influence to list something, so it pays to list anything you have for at least 6 influence (and preferably 10). This will likely catch any bid that goes up for the Enhancement you're trying to sell. (I find that setting up several Enhancements to sell before I log off the character for a few days is the most effective, because the sale listing stays up even while you're logged off that character. I usually log back in to find a happy surprise of a few thousand influence waiting to be picked up at Wentworth's!)

Selling Large Inspirations
Large Inspirations are not usually found in-game except when you defeat a boss, you might say. I beg to differ. For a fee of 100 tickets at any Architect Entertainment location, you can pick up a randomly-generated Large Inspiration. For this trick, you’ll need to have at least one empty Inspiration slot so you can purchase the Large Inspiration.

Once you have purchased your Large Inspiration, head over to the nearest Wentworth’s and look up the going prices for the inspirations you’ve found. Usually any Large Inspiration will sell well; just make sure that there are more bidders than sellers before you put up your own to sell! Set a low beginning price for your Inspiration and let your bidders drive the price up if they will. Selling 3 Large Inspirations will probably get you a nice chunk of influence, which you can now use for anything your hero’s heart desires.

Selling (Certain) Rare Salvage
As with Large Inspirations, the key to this is the AE building. Pieces of Rare Salvage can be bought for 540 tickets apiece, so it is a bigger investment ticket-wise; however, if you’re rich in tickets and poor in influence, this is probably the way to go!

Before you buy any Rare Salvage, though, it is best to check the going prices at Wentworth’s first. Deific Weapon and Chronal Skip sell very well at the time of this writing, but as always, prices are fluctuating, so check to see what items are highest in demand (have the most bidders and the fewest sellers). Check the complete list of Rare Salvage here.

Once you have your piece of Rare Salvage, head over to Wentworth’s and list your item—-don’t list the price too highly, though, or you’ll have to pay a higher listing fee to Wentworth’s! Listing it at around 25-30% of the going rate will likely get you a price you can live with.

Selling (Certain) Common Salvage
With the rise of AE missions, the prices of certain pieces of Common salvage (especially in the level range of 10-25) has skyrocketed at Wentworth's. Paying 50,000 influence for a mere Luck Charm, for instance, is suddenly a "low price," simply because they're harder to come by--you can't get Invention Salvage playing regular AE missions!

To take advantage of this, first get your character set up with at least 300 AE tickets, and then go up to the Ticket Counter and click into the "Invention Salvage" > "Random Common Salvage." Then choose either "Arcane" or "Tech" (Arcane has more of your higher-selling stuff, if you're just looking to make a quick buck). From the "Arcane" menu, choose "Level 10-25", and start clicking the "Buy" button until you run out of tickets or run out of space in your salvage, whichever comes first.

You won't be able to sell everything you get for LOADS of influence, but you will likely have a few good pieces in the mix. Once you have your haul of salvage, head over to Wentworth's and look up the going prices for each piece of salvage you got. Sell it as you deem appropriate!