City of Heroes
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Traveling Around Paragon City

It can be difficult, especially for new players, to get around between zones. For instance, where does the Paragon Monorail System go, and which zones do the Ferries visit? Shortcuts often seem to be in short supply, to pardon the pun. :)

To help with this confusion, I've made a handy quick chart:

Paragon Monorail System Stops

Ferry System

Smuggler's Ship


Located near the Paragon Monorail in the following locations, the TUNNEL portal makes it easy to travel quickly from Atlas Park to various higher-level locations, and even some locations that cannot be reached any other way (like First Ward and Imperial City). It should be noted that you cannot use the TUNNEL system from the Praetorian side if you created your character in Praetoria and are not level 20 yet.

More info about TUNNEL @