City of Heroes
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What Are "Tip" Missions?

Once your hero hits level 20, you will start getting bright yellow messages on your screen during regular missions: "Tip Found!" You might wonder, "What is a 'tip', anyway?"

Definition of a Tip Mission

Tips are an Issue 20 addition that greatly changes gameplay. Just like a detective getting "tipped off" about crime activity, a tip mission (or Alignment Mission) is a quick little mission you can run in just about any zone you're in, and it involves going to a mission door and kicking some butt. Tips are available as an alternative to other in-game mission arcs--they are one-off missions that don't take much time to complete at all.

You don't have to talk to a contact before or after, so they are faster to complete. They're quick and (usually) easy XP, involving the enemy groups you're more likely to see at your level. For instance, a level 20ish hero isn't going to be asked to fight Carnies and Malta, but a level 40ish hero will be.

Once you complete a Tip Mission, you get a credit (called "Public Fame") for doing that heroic deed...check out what those are all about on the Tip System page.