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Slash Commands: Making CoH a Bit Easier

There are lots of tasks in City of Heroes that new players need to be aware of, such as inviting people to teams, using emotes, and even trying to reconnect to the server during a bit of lag. Chatbox shortcuts, or slash commands, often make these common tasks faster and easier. I type these shortcuts in primarily because I use a laptop to play, and using the touchpad mouse to navigate tons of windows and drop-down menus during the game is a relatively large pain in the posterior. But even if you have a regular mouse and don't mind navigating menus, these shortcuts can save you a lot of time and effort in some cases!

The following is an alphabetical list of some of the most useful slash commands. Browse through and find out how to do even more stuff using just your Chatbox!

Slash CommandUsage
/ac [message]Expresses your message in Arena chat
/b [message]Expresses your message in Broadcast chat
/c [message]Expresses your message in Coalition chat
/demorecord [filename]Start recording a demo (records only your actions within the game into a text file, not like a video). Type your desired filename after you type /demorecord.
/demostopStop recording a demo
/e wingsPoses your character with fists on hips--great for costume contests, because it keeps your arms from blocking chest emblems and shirt designs
/f [message]Expresses your message in Friends chat
/flBrings up your Server Friends list
/findmember [character's name]Find a member of your team
/g [message]Expresses your message in Team chat
/getglobalname [character name]Retrieves a player's global name (a name with an @ in front of it) by using their individual toon's name
/getlocalname [player's global name]Retrieves a player's currently active toon name from their global identity
/hc [message]Expresses your message (usually a question) in the Help Channel
/help [subject]Brings up the in-game Help channel, manned by other members, to help you with the specified subject
/hideBrings up a dialog box that shows you options for how to hide yourself from server friends, global chat, global friends, searches, your SG, tells, and just about everything else
/ignore [character's name]Start ignoring specified character--you won't receive any tells from that person, nor will you see any of their chat
/invite [character's name]Invite specified character to a team, even if they are in another zone. Make sure to spell the toon's name right!
/l [message]Expresses your message in Local chat
/lc [message]Expresses your message in League chat
/lfg [message]Expresses your message in Looking for Group chat
/locFind out exactly what your current coordinates are on the map--handy for telling people where to find badges, exploration markers, bad guys, etc.
/ma [message]Expresses your message in Mission Architect chat
/me [text]Makes a thought bubble appear above your character's head with the text in it. Usually it's done with the format of "/me gives team member a hug" or something like that.
/netgraph 1Turns on Netgraph, a cool diagnostic tool that shows you how your connection is operating with City of Heroes running. This can help you figure out what makes your connection not play nice with CoH.
/netgraph 0Turns Netgraph off.
/petitionOpens a dialog box where you can ask the developers to fix something, report a player who is bothering you or ripping off a copyrighted hero, or any other problem you find during the game. Type in the general subject matter as your subject line, fill the big text box with details about the situation, and click Submit to send it to the devs. Watch your out-of-game email for a response!
Gives Mastermind pets (and occasionally other pets) actions to perform and text to say. These are just a few of the commands you can give your Pet!
/playernote [global name]Add a note to a player's global identity (to remind yourself of who they are, etc.)
/quitQuits CoH
/req [message]Expresses your message in Request/Auction chat
/respecBegins the process of respecifying your character's powers and enhancement slots. Don't do this lightly!
/screenshotTakes a screenshot of your surroundings.
/screenshotui 1Sets up all your following screenshots to include the user interface (chatbox, power trays, XP bar, etc.)
/screenshotui 0Turn off the user interface from your screenshots if you've had it on previously
/seaSee a complete list of all the heroes that are currently in your zone, their archetypes, levels, and whether they would prefer to be invited to a team or not.
/sg [message]Expresses your message in SuperGroup chat
/sgi [character's name]Invite specified character into your supergroup (can't do this if you're not a leader in your supergroup)
/show_bindShows the commands that are "bound" to a key on your keyboard (i.e., what key you hit to set off a power, what key you hit to use an Inspiration, etc.)
/stuckGet unstuck from the game's geometric structures (i.e., getting stuck inside the AE building's "green light").
/sync (/synch)Try to reconnect if you've lost connection to the mapserver or if you're experiencing a LOT of lag
/t [character's name]Send a Tell (private message) to another character. If the character is offline, it won't go through, and if the player is on another character, it won't get to them.
/t [global name]Send a Tell (private message) to another player's global identity--this will get to them no matter what character they're on, and if they're offline, they'll get it when they log in next.
/unignore [character's name]Stop ignoring specified character

To learn more about slash commands, see the full alphabetical list of commands on ParagonWiki: Complete List of Slash Commands.