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User-Made Global Channels

Article by Alt_AKA_Joe
Edited by Austara

One of the best ways to find out what Task Forces, Trials, Badge Hunts, and teams are starting is to join your server's global channels.

To join a user-made global channel, you click the Tab button on your Chat window. Then click Channel Search, or if you know the name of the channel, click Join Channel. In the channel search window (shown below), it displays what channels would be best for you.

From here, you can either click Most Active, giving you the most active channels in the game, or search a server using the Search field. To actually join a channel, you click the name of the channel and then click Join. Some channels will be full--all channels have a max of 2500 people.

In a global channel, you don't use your individual toon's name, but your global name (generally your account name, unless you have changed it, with a @ in front of it). The channels are not just for CoH or CoV, but go across both games and all servers if you want to talk to people on another server. Some channels are a great place to ask questions if you donít know something. (That depends on the server and what channel you are asking on though.)