City of Heroes
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Why Break Free is AWESOME

Ah, Break Free, why did I ever consider you useless?

Yes, I freely admit that when I first started playing City of Heroes, I didnít think much of Break Free. After all, it didnít boost my endurance, it didnít give me back health, and it didnít make me pwn my enemies harder or more accurately. What good was it?

Then I discovered the singular frustration of being Held/Immobilized, Terrified, Stunned, and/or put to Sleep, and discovered one of its uses--it gets rid of all negative conditions that stop you from using your powers. I also discovered a few more uses for it as well:

  1. Itís the only thing that helps you escape those agonizing 30 seconds of your character shambling around as if drunk after youíve popped an Awaken.
  2. You can pass it to a teammate who needs it if they have room.
  3. If you really donít need it and youíve got 3, you can combine them into something else you need.