City of Heroes
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Must-Have Inspirations for Each Archetype

Respite, Catch a Breath, Break Free, and Awaken are ALWAYS good, for any character build, so make sure you have at least one of each at all times. Even the hardiest Tanker still needs a Respite every now and then; even the Blaster who rarely leaves enemies alive long enough for them to shoot back might need to use an Awaken sometimes.

The following guidelines are quite loose and are meant to help start you out using Inspirations. Depending on what powers you've taken and what Enhancements you've slotted into your powers, you may find that you need Accuracy and Damage less often, or Luck and Sturdy less often, etc. Experiment with your Inspiration cache and take note of what Inspirations you end up using the most.

Blasters: You need Catch a Breath and Accuracy most often. (Damage can help you when fighting a boss; Luck and Sturdy can be of help when you find yourself surrounded at close range.)

Controllers: You need Catch a Breath, Sturdy, and Respite most often. (Damage and Accuracy will be more help to the main damage-dealers of the team, generally. Luck can help you dodge those random hits from stray enemies, but isnít really needed for every skirmish, since you will likely be out of range of most of the enemies.)

Defenders: You need Catch a Breath and Sturdy most often. (Damage and Accuracy are occasionally useful, especially if you find yourself the main damage-dealer of a team. Luck is also pretty good for you, but you donít need to keep a constant stock of it unless you find yourself with extra Inspiration spaces.)

Scrappers: You need Respite, Sturdy and Luck most often. (Damage and Accuracy can help in some situations, such as fighting a boss, but arenít always necessary for smaller battles.)

Tankers: You need Damage and Accuracy most often. (Luck and Sturdy might help you on occasion, but they are not always needed since you already have high defense.)