City of Heroes
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The Salvage List (and Helpful Hints)

Invention salvage is everywhere in City of Heroes--it apparently falls out of the pockets of bad guys when you, um, "defeat" them. While battling is a pretty good way to pick up random pieces of salvage, sometimes you need certain pieces of salvage to craft Enhancements for your character's different powers. The following list will help you determine what level range your desired salvage is in, and whether it's common, uncommon, or rare, which will help you figure out how best to get it without completely bankrupting yourself. For more information about the AE Building's Ticket Counter, which is referenced several times in this article, please see the Paragon Wiki article about the Ticket Vendor.


Common salvage cannot be bought by the piece at AE buildings--for 8 tickets each, you have a chance at getting the common salvage you want at the Ticket Counter. You can buy single common salvage items at Wentworth's, but be prepared to pay quite a bit for some of the more in-demand items. Common Arcane salvage in general is more expensive than Common Tech. All of the Common Arcane salvage can soar up into the 100,000 to 900,000 influence range easily. If you sell Common salvage to a Vendor, you could get anywhere from 100 to 500 influence, so keep that in mind when you're trying to sell Common salvage at Wentworth's.

Level RangeArcaneTech
Level 10-25 Ancient Artifact
Luck Charm
Spell Scroll
Runebound Armor
Spiritual Essence
Clockwork Winder
Computer Virus
Human Blood Sample
Inanimate Carbon Rod
Simple Chemical
Level 26-40 Alchemical Silver
Ancient Bone
Masterwork Weapon
Spell Ink
Circuit Board
Demonic Blood Sample
Improvised Cybernetic
Inert Gas
Scientific Theory
Stabilized Mutant Genome
Level 41-50 Fortune
Nevermelting Ice
Spirit Thorn
Ceramic Armor Plate
Demonic Threat Report
Hydraulic Piston
Kinetic Weapon
Mathematic Proof
Regenerating Flesh
Temporal Analyzer


You can buy Uncommon salvage for 80 tickets each at the AE building's Ticket Counter. Just make sure you know what you're buying--some Uncommon salvage sells for a good profit over at Wentworth's, while other Uncommon salvage barely sells for anything. If you sell Uncommon salvage to a Vendor, you will always get 1,000 influence, so keep that in mind when trying to sell it at Wentworth's.

Level RangeArcaneTech
Level 10-25 Volume of the Obsidian Librum
Unearthed Relic
Temporal Sands
Soulbound Armor
Psionic Ectoplasm
Clockwork Gear
Mutant Blood Sample
Heavy Water
Daemon Program
Chemical Formula
Level 26-40 Carnival of Shadows Mask
Ensorcelled Weapon
Blood of the Incarnate
Alchemical Gold
Living Tattoo
Commercial Cybernetic
Mutant DNA Strand
Corrosive Gas
Data Drive
Scientific Law
Level 41-50 Thorn Tree Vine
Unquenchable Flame
Psionic Threat Report
Bleeding Stone
Pneumatic Piston
Energy Weapon
Titanium Shard
Temporal Tracer
Chaos Theorem


Rare salvage can be bought by the piece at the AE Ticket Counter for 500 tickets each. Depending on the item, Rare salvage can be worth next to nothing or could be worth tons of influence--check prices and know what you're buying beforehand if you're trying to turn a profit. If you sell Rare salvage to a Vendor, you will always get 5,000 influence for it, so keep that in mind when you're trying to sell Rare salvage at Wentworth's.

Level RangeArcaneTech
Level 10-25 Symbiotic Armor
Strand of Fate
Lament Box
Page from the Malleus Mundi
Psionic Manifestation
Psionically Charged Brass
Source Code
Alien Blood Sample
Complex Chemical Formula
Enriched Plutonium
Heads Up Display
Plasma Capacitator
Level 26-40 Deific Weapon
Enchanted Impervium
Soul Trapped Gem
Mu Vestment
Black Blood of the Earth
Empowered Sigil
Holographic Memory
Mutating Genome
Reactive Gas
Military Cybernetic
Conspirational Evidence
Level 41-50 Prophecy
Magical Conspiracy
Hamidon Goo
Essence of the Furies
Pangean Soil
Positionic Matrix
Synthetic Intelligence Unit
Chronal Skip
Rikti Alloy
Photonic Weapon